Episode 7 of Stray Ami: The Attic, is now live! 
On a sunny, dusty day, Andale and Blanc decide to look in the attic.
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Fanart from the fantastic Noel of Blanc!  Look at those big blue eyes. So adorable. 
Thanks a ton! All the support from you guys out there have boosted studio morale like you wouldn’t believe. We are walking on air today, thank you for your kind words,art, and love of Stray Ami.
Blanc and Andale from Stray Ami as Famous Cartoon Duos
Art by Jell-O-Cat
Normally we try to keep a professional tone on this Tumblr, and save the gushing for the Mod-Blogs, but OHMYGOSHTHISISSOCUTEOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSH!!
Okay, now that that’s out of the way, thanks for the lovely fanart! We deeply appreciate it. 
Her Brother’s Shadow

I don’t know why, but for a moment, I could have sworn saw something trailing behind him, something that wasn’t quite there, yet it was. A big, dark black something, like an ink stain that moved against the wall. He passed before I could be sure…it might have just been a shadow…

More fanart from the always amazing Jell-o-Cat! This time from episode five, the first appearance of Andale’s brother. Such a lovely representation of him. Thanks so much!

Just a doodle I did for Stray Ami. 

Awww! A cute little doodle of Blanc and Andale from Ariangelcub.
The Yellow Dress
More Stray Ami fanart! This is a lovely piece  by Jell-O-Cat of Andale and Blanc, with Andale in her yellow dress from episode four.  
Thanks so much for the amazing art! This is adorable, and everyone on the team appreciates it! 
The Girl With The Bow and Arrow
More Stray Ami Fanart from Jell-O-Cat
This is a little scene from episode for where Blanc and Andale head into town for the first time. It’s a lovely image and every person who’s a part of our little studio is just grinning like an idiot at how cute this is.
We just want to thank you to all the listeners out there for making this a great month for the Podcast. You guys really make it worth doing and keep us going, thank you so much!