We are proud to present the forth episode of Stray Ami: Into Town. Click here to go listen to it! 

We are also proud to have our first musical guest Sarah Donner! A lovely artist and lover of cats who allowed us to use her voice and musical stylings in the episode!

For more of her music check her out at her website, and on facebook!

Speaking of facebook Stray Ami now has a facebook page! Go give a look, and a like if you see fit, it really helps! 

Also look us up on Tumblr, Facebook And consider Donating.

We hope you enjoy the episode! Please like and reblog if you do, every little bit helps us. Thank you! 


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    YAAAAAY! I really enjoyed reading through the script for this episode! Please go give it a listen?
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    If you guys haven’t checked out Stray Ami, you really should. It’s a great story podcast
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